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Forthcoming Live EP from Silver Haar

Forthcoming Live EP from Silver Haar

Chris Peters

13 Jun 2022

For a band that debuted less than twelve months ago Glasgow based Silver Haar have wasted no time in getting material out. Why throw your life away with such frivolities as taking your time or finding your feet when you can get straight to the good stuff. I imagine that's why starters are so much smaller than the main course. I couldn't tell you what Silver Haar's starter sounded like because even their debut EP sounded mature and polished but luckily the main course is plentiful.

July 1 see's the release of the bands second EP which is accurately named Live. Although these recordings are marketed as live don't be expecting washed out, muffled versions of their prior releases lost in a din of pub noise. These are solid quality recordings taken from the comfort of a studio. The live aspect is almost unnoticeable other than the occasional vocal part evidently more distant than it should be. A really nice touch is that all three tracks are introduced. Keeping that in adds a nice personal touch and helps transport you away to the front row of a poorly lit Glasgow bar.

Three tracks is the absolute minimum the music God's will allow for an EP but it should be enough to tie us over until that anticipated debut album. An added bonus is that one of those three tracks is not previously released so this live version is it's debut.

The opener is a live rendition of the title track from 2021's EP Lights Out. This is a buoyant retro indie rock tune that leans on its vocal melodies and gorgeous guitar tone. This version actually displays greater depth in the guitars that gives the song a slightly heavier feel than the original. The largely instrumental bridge at 4 minutes is much grimier than the more polished 2021 release and that's welcomed.

It's Over slows things down a little and gives Tom a chance to prove his voice is as strong live as it is in the studio. The airiness of the vocals with the occasional harmonies perfectly complement the playful lead guitar to make for a gorgeous landscape.

The record closes with the previously unreleased Reasons. We are first treated to an introduction held up by a lead guitar drenched in buttery reverb, confidently displaying itself in the foreground. Behind that sits the motor of a determined rhythm section. The chanted backing vocals of the chorus and bridge are at risk of making this a real sing along number for Silver Haar and I see this becoming a live set favourite.

On the whole Silver Haar have once again given us a brilliantly produced top tier EP. This is a group of guys that clearly have between them plenty of experience and knowledge and are using that to hit the ground positively sprinting with Silver Haar. It is a disappointingly short record but the sooner a debut LP comes along the quicker I will be able to forgive them. Live is available for streaming from July 1 so follow Silver Haar now.

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