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First Signs Of The Aftermath

First Signs Of The Aftermath

Chris Peters

23 Mar 2022

If there’s one thing that most math rock bands have in common it’s that they either don’t like to be called math rock or don’t know what math rock is. For First Signs of The Aftermath (FSOTA) they are simply focused on creating the music that they find fun and engaging and if it fits in to one of our predefined genres then so be it. This Nottingham three piece have been making music for over 15 years so by the time they released their debut EP in 2020 they already had a pretty solid idea of who they were and what they sounded like. It’s loud, it’s fast and it will keep you balanced so far off the edge of your seat it’s going to be uncomfortable.

2020’s three track EP, Ekwensu Ocha, is a no holds barred power house of riff trickery, unexpected shifts and what could only be gymnastics at the drumkit. For a band that is defined by their ability to constantly change up volumes, tempo’s and rhythms they have begun their commercial journey in music much tighter than most other bands at that point in their careers. This is largely down to drummer Neil who has such mastery over his kit that he is well above keeping regular patterns and instead uses his fifteen arms to keep his bandmates constantly on their toes and confuse the hell out of audiences. Thom and Scott, on guitar and bass respectively, follow suit by consistently throwing the rulebook out the window and every time you think you know where things are going, they will take a sharp turn.

In 2021 a second EP was released. The ambiguously named Plain Clothes Burt Reynolds has a marginally heavier sound to it but really continues the story that was started with Ekwensu Ocha. The opening title track showcases the speed and flexibility of Thoms playing from sharp, mocking riffs to crashing swells of volume and distortion. Machine gun snare fills crop up at all the right times although the right times are increasingly difficult to pinpoint as once again FSOTA surprise with relentless twists and turns.

FSOTA may have taken their time with regards to entering the market but now that they have made the leap they are pushing forward with all the momentum built up from creating together for all these years. A third record is in production currently with a hopeful release this year and it brings with it some newer sounds so follow the band on Bandcamp to be notified as soon as it’s released. Both of the EPs mentioned above can be streamed or purchased via Bandcamp and the added bonus of visiting the site is to view the amazing cover art by Rich Barber that is a recurring motif across both records. One thing that is evident with these guys is that their character and brand both in the music and the meta is clear and well formed whether that is deliberate or coincidental. More than likely it is the organic result of having spent so many years playing together, creating together and finally showing themselves to the world as a polished and shining finished product. Check out First Signs of the Aftermath wherever you listen to music.

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