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Bosola Launch New EP Thomas and Judas

Bosola Launch New EP Thomas and Judas

Chris Peters

4 Oct 2022

It’s not often you find a band that blend genres so seamlessly that they seem to define their own. To do that as a three piece and still create layers and depth worthy of a group twice their size is even more impressive. Bosola have been refining their unique alternative rock with dreamy elements and jangly guitars for the last couple of years and are currently celebrating the release of their second EP Thomas and Judas. To mark the launch Bosola will be playing a one off headline gig at The Lubber Fiend in Newcastle this Saturday October 8th. If you find yourself wandering the North East this weekend itching for some loud music you should definitely make your way there.

Listening to Bosola pulls the listener in so many directions with their style and approach. Tim Cox's expressive lead vocal has a personal quality to it as well as a subtle punk influence bleeding through, particularly on the slower numbers. In the heavier sections the guitars sound way more numerous than seems possible for a three piece with hefty, chugging chords contrasting with dreamy picked sections melting through reverb. The rhythm section displays equally impressive flexibility with playful basslines underpinning most tunes and Andersons drumming stitching everything together yet still finding time for cheerful little fills at every opportunity.

Superfan News caught up with Tim Cox earlier in the week to discuss Bosola, the new EP and what we can expect from them in the coming months.

SN: So how did you end up making this wonderful music together?

TC: [Myself] and Pete were playing songs as a folk duo before lockdown and decided during the pandemic to give the band thing a go and it's escalated from there. Emma came on board after we recorded the first EP and we have been a three piece ever since. We all bring our own musical influences to bear on Tim's songs and we take influence from The Smiths, The Replacements, The Coral, St Vincent, Kate Bush and Bob Mould.

SN: You’ve just released your second EP, Thomas and Judas. Did you approach this one any differently to your debut release?

TC: Well there were some similarities - the same producer, James Haselhurst and the same studio, Grain Studios in Byker, Newcastle - but the difference is largely that we had rehearsed some of the songs before recording them and Emma is on drums in this one. This EP tilts towards a more alternative rock feel than the first which draws more on an Indie Folk/ Britpop vibe. Playing together has given us a different energy and this EP was recorded in Summer 2021 so it feels really eclectic as we hadn't quite developed our sound at that point. Still I think it's a solid EP and the singles have had a good reception so far and have provided the launch pad for our plans going forward.

SN: Who’s the brains behind the fantastic cover art you have for Thomas & Judas?

TC: I'd like to say it was me but we worked with a graphic designer called Graeme 'Chappy' Chapman who works under the moniker 'Limited Output'. It's important to us that the aesthetic matches the mood of the tracks so it works as a coherent piece of art. Lots of people seem to like it!

SN: What’s the live music scene looking like in and around Newcastle these days? Has it been affected much by the events of the last few years?

TC: It's looking pretty lively I have to say. Lots of new bands and some new venues popping up all over the region since the end of lockdown. It seems like people were writing songs during lockdown and are getting out there to play them. Putting on gigs can be frustrating as people wait until the last minute to buy tickets so it's always kind of hair raising being a DIY band but I think that's the case across the country to be honest. All in all guitar music is in fine fettle in the North East of England.

SN: You have an EP launch at The Lubber Fiend in Newcastle this coming Saturday. What can people expect from Bosola’s live performance?

TC: Our gigs tend to be sweaty and raucous. Saturday will be no different but we will be dipping into our deep cut repertoire so the acoustic guitar will be making an appearance.

SN: What’s on the horizon after this release? Will you be returning to the studio or the venues for the remainder of the year?

TC: We have a new single ready to go which we recorded earlier this year so we will probably release that. That's called 'Worth the Wait' and we are looking at getting into the studio to record some new demos. Our sound has changed a lot since we recorded 'Thomas & Judas' and so we are excited to get back in to the studio. Live wise we have a few gigs lined up before the end of the year. In October Tim is supporting Ren Lawton on the London date of his tour at Camden Chapel on the 20th October. Then we play the Mosaic Tap with Oddo's Gaze in Newcastle and then we play Ghost Signals' No Shit Xmas parties gig in Gateshead on the 10th December.

Find Bosola on bandcamp at and purchase their new EP from Deliberator Records at

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