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  • Want Us To Shine The Spotlight On You? | Superfan News

    Want Us To Shine The Spotlight On You? ​ 10 Mar 2023 Superfan News is always looking for Artists to shine the spotlight on and help promote. We offer various packages on both the Superfan News site and Superfancast. We have something for artists at all stages of their career and are particularly keen to help promote artists early on in that journey. You can enquire via the form found on the Contact page of this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Patersun: Melodic Rock From The Scottish Borders | Superfan News

    Patersun: Melodic Rock From The Scottish Borders Chris Peters 25 Jun 2022 Im sure my Dad won't mind me saying that if we had to work together one of us would probably end up serving time. Luckily not all parent child relationships are quite as volatile and it would appear that certain pairings can actually do some pretty amazing work. When drummer Alexander Paterson was ready to begin a new project back in 2019 his son Dylan was first in line to take the lead. After having performed and written together periodically over the years in some of Alexanders previous projects they knew the chemistry was there and with the addition of Rory Piercey on bass they had a line up. Patersun was born. Patersun's schedule was cut short in 2020 thanks to that virus we don't talk about anymore. Thankfully they managed to record their debut single Little Wonder and get it released in February of that year. The sound that they brought to the world was a clean cut, melodic rock that would be comfortable being played by the band at the high school prom in a 90's college movie. The guitar led intro gives an early noughties indie rock vibe with its simplicity and bright tone. An enticing drum progression makes the transition to the first verse which brings with it clean vocals from Dylan with cushiony backing vocals that further emphasise that retro indie rock feel. The vibe of the impressive and flashy guitar solo 3 minutes in verifies the bands admission that 'The most significant influence is by far and away Bon Jovi'. That debut single featured a B-side Hear The Call. A much more reserved acoustic number showing a different, gentler side to Patersun. Hear The Call also boasts a gorgeous music video in which the lyrics are signed by friends and family of the band. The video was created during lockdown and evidences how Patersun did not allow that period to put an end to all band activity. This plus numerous online gigs meant they continued to stay on top of their game and were ready to get back on to the live scene when the barriers were up again. 2022 has brought with it a new single, Getting There. The now familiar steely guitar sound keeps the tune moving with a catchy repeated riff throughout the verses. The vocals are layered at all the right times and the perfect amount of reverb on almost everything never fails in bringing you up. Yes there is a guitar solo and yes it is exactly what the doctor ordered. As with many new bands over the last 2 or 3 years Patersuns journey to date has not been entirely free of roadblocks but these guys have made amazing progress in what little time they have had. There is a a debut LP in the works and plans to release a third single from that record prior to its release later this year. Patersun have a packed schedule over the summer which you can find out more about at . If you are not around Scotland and the North of England however you should follow these guys on your streaming platform of choice so you don't miss out on updates and future releases.

  • Revolution Above Disorder | Superfan News

    Revolution Above Disorder Chris Peters 30 Jun 2022 After his involvement in a number of Dublin and Vancouver based bands over the years, Stephen Nicholas White realised that there was a different path for him to walk. In 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic when most bands were waiting to get back together, Stephen conceived a new solo project that would allow him the complete creative freedom he needed. 'I've gradually grown a little sick and tired of the arduous process of trying to align the lives of multiple people around a shared creative endeavour', he told Superfan News 'I struggle with the decision-making process in a band, and I’m not a huge fan of compromise either!'. Fortunately there was an easy way to avoid all these struggles by going at it solo which is exactly what he has done with Revolution Above Disorder. Thankfully shedding all that extra weight has not come at the cost of any of the music's depth or variety. In fact upon first listen, you would never guess this was a one man project. Revolution Above Disorder's debut single, Illuminate, is a psychedelic shoegaze tune with a nice mix of guitars in the foreground, background... and underground! The lead vocals are dreamy and tired but layered nicely with angelic backing accompaniment to lift it up and add to that ethereal atmosphere. Illuminate was released in October of 2021 along with a synthy electro-pop inspired club version and an acoustic rendition. This year two further singles have been released on Stephens own label Skinner Box records. Scream Quietly trades some of that blanket of guitar for some more sparing and thoughtful electronic effects taken from the adolescent years of the synth-pop movement. The most recent single, Annihilator, returns more to that layered sound but with the bonus of some really interesting and unexpected instrumentation. Occasional strings, a solitary piano key, wild psychedelic effects riddled throughout. It's a real parade of some of the influences that have shaped the final product of Revolution Above Disorder. With such a dense and diverse sound it's important to get that right in the live setting and unfortunately the last year has not exactly been the heyday of Vancouver's live scene. 'It’s been a tricky start for the live incarnation of this project because of Covid. It's been pretty stop/start lately in Vancouver. Our debut show got cancelled due to a provincial lockdown, and then our scheduled opening slot for BJM also got cancelled.' Fortunately the tides are now changing and several shows have now been played as a three piece and a five piece band. 'The second show we got to play was opening for Modern English. That was more fleshed-out than previous show[s], a five-piece with live drums and keys. It’s interesting to feel it morphing and finding its feet in the live setting, the response has been super enthusiastic.' So with three singles out and a list of live dates for the summer the next step would be to get out something a bit longer and luckily there is something in the works. Revolution Above Disorder are currently working on an EP which is aiming for release this Fall. The breadth of sounds displayed across the catalog so far suggests we can expect an exciting record with a veritable soup of instrumentation and effects touching on countless genres from the last four decades. Find Revolution Above Disorder on all major streaming platforms and be sure to follow so you don't miss the release of that EP. Find everything you need at

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