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Three Sides of One by King's X

Primus Tracks

24 Sept 2022

Oh, what a glorious return, 14 years later, of King's X. A band's band by any measure, the group has legions of big-name admirers, yet has largely remained out of the mainstream for much of its career.

To be certain, Dug Pinnick, Ty Tabor, and Jerry Gaskill have remained active numerous side projects between (and in place of) King's X record cycles over the years, and the creative time away from one another is realized on Three Sides of One, a title representing the group's individual personalities as parts of the whole of King's X. The standard King's X sound and vibe is there - Dug is unmistakable, Ty's idiosyncratic guitar tone remains the envy of many, and Jerry's quick-twitch drumming keeps the tracks driving. However, the band finds new wrinkles in their signature sound, starting with the driving pair of "Let It Rain" and "Flood Pt. 1" - guitars more detuned and chugging than usual, strings and keyboards around the edges, some team percussion, and even a false ending to "Nothing But The Truth". These little things capture the attention of the seasoned listener, but it's also a joy to hear the band's riffing and signature vocal melodies again after so long away. Ty and Jerry's harmonies support Dug's soulful lead vocals throughout the album. Further, this latter-day display of power tells us the band still has something worthwhile to give, and it's a pleasurable reminder that, whether it's an up-tempo rocker or a contemplative ballad, hot damn can these guys write and play with the best in the rock world.

Stray observations:
-Longtime fans will be happy to hear background vocals from Wally Farkas on numerous tracks.
-Clean production from Michael Parnin gives everyone room to shine
-Album notes indicate this record was at least three years in the making. Well worth the wait.

Standout tracks: Let It Rain, Give It Up, Watcher

Three Sides of One by King's X
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