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The New Home Of Independent Music Reviews?

Aaron Meeks

5 Aug 2022

If you are a music nut, like me, you likely bore everyone around you with endless facts and opinions they didn't ask for. But it's no different to all the golfers boring us senseless with the arc of their swing or whatever rubbish they talk about. Everyone's got something they need to shout from the rooftops and that's why the internet God's gave us blogs. I dread to think how many golfing blogs there are out there - I almost fell sleep just typing the sentence. Thankfully though, scattered between the coma inducing sports publications, musos gathered en-masse and began filling the cyberspace with sites as creatively named as Johns Music Blog and Marlene's Review Site.

The birth of the blog was an exciting time for those of us with rhythm in our veins. We were so used to journalists spewing out reviews for albums they had listened to once under strict instruction that they should 'have an article on my desk before 5pm'. Nothing says all engrossing passion like obligation through employment and a deadline. No, the blog was different. These people were getting nothing in return. They just needed to get their thoughts out there. Marlene's Review Site averaged a view a week and that was normally her husband. Did she care? Did she bollocks. This was therapy for her.

Joking aside (I hope you understand there is a lot of joking going on here!) that one view a week was the problem that has become more apparent in recent years as the internet fills up with more and more Marlenes. I don't have the time or energy to be hunting down these blogs and visiting 400 different sites a week to get my fill on music reviews and opinions. There are now platforms out there that catalogue blogs and there articles but it's not the sexiest experience. What the music world needs is a master blog if you like. A repository for all the Marlenes and Johns to come publish their articles in one place. Those articles can then be presented in an accessible, digestible format and that would give me my fill of musical nerdery all in one location. You might call it the new home of independent music reviews and that home might look a lot like this.

I believe that's what we have found here at SuperfanNews and for that I'm ever grateful. Marlene and John no longer have to bother with the upkeep of their own blogs. Marlene's opinions have far more reach and impact. The reach and impact they deserve. Most importantly I have reduced my open browser tabs from thirteen thousand to just one. Beautiful.

Now, if you don't mind I'm off to read about Derek's 10 Favourite New Wave Albums 1980-1985. What a rush!

The New Home Of Independent Music Reviews?
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