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Laryngitis & Getcha by Won't Say Rabbit

Muse BeeLove

29 Jul 2022

Won't Say Rabbit is a pop-punk band from New Jersey. They have been making music since the late 1980's and recently released two tracks on Bandcamp. First up is an instrumental called 'Laryngitis.' This song has a fun retro sound with a driving danceable beat. The other Won't Say Rabbit track is 'Getcha.' which showcases the powerful voice of their female vocalist, Beth, singing about a cheeky game of hide & seek.

I asked the band what they want to accomplish on Bandcamp, since Won't Say Rabbit have been around for a long time. Bass guitarist, Tom told me they are looking forward to reaching new fans as well as reconnecting with longtime supporters of the group. Singer Beth said it's been a while and they need to update their collection of Won't Say Rabbit band tee-shirts and pin badges.

The band's guitarist, Brian recently found a collection of DVDs of Won't Say Rabbit's live performances from over the past 25 years. The band is looking forward to releasing more videos and MP3s as they become available.

You can find Won't Say Rabbit on their YouTube channel at and their Bandcamp page at

Laryngitis & Getcha by Won't Say Rabbit
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