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K Hole by Alex Cameron

Key Lime

1 Apr 2022

Yesterday as I walked through Newcastle upon Tyne I came across a window full of posters for artists playing live in the city and I figured I’d take a picture of them and check them out. Alex Cameron was the first poster in the window.

Alex Cameron is an Australian artist from Sydney. A high art concept adopting the persona of a failed musician and doing it with aplomb. In January 2022 Alex released his 4th Album ‘Oxy Music’ from which the singe ‘K Hole’ was released in March 2022.

‘K Hole’ is a lounge music/cabaret style track which immediately draws you in with a Sunday morning chill vibe, very quickly realising that this is a Sunday morning on a come down from the previous nights Rock n Roll antics. Shades of ‘Wonderful Tonight ‘ era Eric Clapton guitar tones and a smattering of David Bowie in the vocal really stir the senses that behind the facade of a comedic character we have an artist of immeasurable talent. Perhaps the biggest influence I can hear in ‘K Hole’ is Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, which may well be a link to the album title ‘Oxy Music’. Listed as a reference to the Opiate/Oxycontin pandemic it can’t be an accident that the main sound I’m hearing is Roxy Music. It’s a beautifully, bruising play on words and while we are talking about words sublimely satirical lyrics like “It might appear like I’m drivin’ straight for the moat Oh baby, but it’s one of those cars that turns into a boat” and “Someone tell me what’s goin’ on they’re actin’ like I went and said cunt in a song” make this track a hilarious joy to listen to over and over again. After a brief listen to ‘Oxy Music’ while doing my research I’d say Alex Cameron is an artist you need in your life today and for the rest of your life.

Album: Oxy Music

Single: K Hole

Both are available across major streaming platforms now

Alex Cameron can be found online at and is playing live at Newcastle University SU on Wed 13th April 2022.

K Hole by Alex Cameron
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