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American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan

Casey Budge

30 May 2022

Talking about this 34 song, 2-hour and 2-minute beast of an album is tough. I had been looking forward to this album for months when it finally came out. I heard tracks he leaked on Twitter and Tik Tok and had listened to the singles he released on repeat. I was nervous because this was Bryan's first album produced by a major label. His first two albums were all him and recorded on a shoestring budget. Many fans, including myself, were scared that the studio may interfere with the sound that so many of us love.

As soon as the as the album dropped all of my fears were moot. That is made more clear in one song, in particular, If She Wants a Cowboy. The song is about the narrator chasing a girl who he thinks wants a cowboy so he strives to become more like a cowboy. Once he does he realizes that she doesn't want a cowboy, she wants a Nashville singer so he proceeds to autotune the rest of the song. This song is a pop-country premise while at the same time making fun of the entire pop-country sub-genre. That is just one instance of the brilliant songwriting that we have come to expect from Bryan. This album is not perfect. Parts of it feel disjointed and do not seem to fit the theme or the tone but that's the point. It is supposed to make you feel every emotion. I would recommend this album to anyone because there is something here for everyone.

American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan
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