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Revolution Above Disorder

Patersun: Melodic Rock From The Scottish Borders

Forthcoming Live EP from Silver Haar

Brass Monkey: Grungy Blues Rock from the North East of England

Mixtures by Xenura

Dess A

27 Jun 2022

Rise of the Monarch by AmaLee

Shion Yu

26 Jun 2022

Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum by Alestorm

Aaron Echols

24 Jun 2022

Talking about this 34 song, 2-hour and 2-minute beast of an album is tough. I had been looking forward to this album for months when it finally came out. I heard tracks he leaked on Twitter and Tik Tok and had listened to the singles he released on repeat. I was nervous because this was Bryan's first album produced by a major label. His first two albums were all him and recorded on a shoestring budget. Many fans, including myself, were scared that the studio may interfere with the sound that so many of us love.

American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan

S2E6 The B-52s

Travel to another time with Matt and Chris as they discover all things B-52s in this weeks episode. Are they the greatest party band in the world? We shall find out.

Along the way we also discuss Aberdeen, Eat Static, Sunna and much much more. Strap in for a wild ride and don't forget your wig.

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12th House Rock by Narrow Head

Chris Peters

21 May 2022

Mr Morale & The Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar


18 May 2022

Conspiranoid by Primus

Matt Crawley

3 May 2022