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Bosola Launch New EP Thomas and Judas

Do No Harm, Take No Shit: A Vulture Wake

New Age Healers Tease Their Fourth Album

Revolution Above Disorder

Aurora by Daisy Jones & the Six

Tom Radigan

25 May 2023

Once Do It With Feeling by Candy Coffins

Northern Wanderer

25 May 2023

Moondog Matinee by The Band

Tom Radigan

1 Mar 2023

Did you know that HMV still exists? Yeah, me neither. Turns out that people still buy CDs from their high street. Who knew! Well, if you happened to be wondering past the Bristol branch earlier this year and you heard an audial soup of overly reverbed guitars, characterful synth play and distant yet commanding vocals spilling out on to the concrete, you may well have witnessed one of the very first official outings of local two-piece Kodomotachi.

Kodomotachis First Demos

S3Interlude2 Som Wardner

In this very special interlude Chris sits down with his dream guest, My Vitriol's Som Wardner.
They discuss the bands roots, Som's early influences and much more.
Matt, on the other hand, has been looking back at Windows 96, exploring Japanese Jazz fusion and considering contacting Prince. Seriously, don't miss this one!

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Unlovable by Beach Weather

Aaron Meeks

19 Aug 2022

Laryngitis & Getcha by Won't Say Rabbit

Muse BeeLove

29 Jul 2022

Gary Hoey Live at TCAN, Natick MA

Ira Sperling

28 Jul 2022

Behave Myself by She Drew The Gun

Chris Peters

8 Oct 2021

What Is Glitchcore?

Aaron Meeks

6 Aug 2022

The New Home Of Independent Music Reviews?

Aaron Meeks

5 Aug 2022

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